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COACH GOES ONLINE – Branding your expertise and building a marketing and sales funnel online

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Are you a health or wellbeing coach, life coach, business coach, spiritual coach, other coach/consultant or an aspiring coach? Have you considered taking your business and services online and thus broaden your target audience? Or are you still employed and dreaming of your own coaching business but have no idea how to start?

My strong passion is to help other entrepreneurs and coaches to take their first steps in online marketing and serve customers also internationally. Technology allows us to provide services in almost anywhere in the world so let’s think more broadly and see that opportunities and clients are everywhere! I want to help you to build your personal brand and show you how to build your first marketing and sales funnel & implement your coaching online.

You might have heard about sales funnels, landing pages, lead magnets, Facebook pixels etc. You are interested to try but you don’t know how exactly to proceed and if you have skills to do it.  You wouldn’t like to outsource it as that might cost too much and on the other hand, you would like to learn it yourself. When you learn the process, that is a skill no one can take away from you. And you are not feeling so good about any do-it-yourself courses, you would like to have someone to guide you through the process and answer your questions.

And all the tools! There are so many tools available that you could spend all your time figuring out what to use. And if the technology is not your strongest area, the first step might feel scary. I will show you the tools I use and have found useful and guide you through them. But you need to be ready to invest: if you want to take your business online and have visibility, you will need to have several tools.  Some of them might have a free version but most of the good, reliable tools cost some money. However, I have used tools that are reasonably priced. It’s also good to remember that Facebook ads are not free, although it is still quite inexpensive compared to many other marketing channels.

But you don’t do much with any funnels or tech knowledge if the foundation is not there. You need to brand your knowledge and uniqueness!  Your ideal clients will be attracted to you and thus you need to be authentically you. Branding is the key to differentiate yourself and build trust among you and your clients. Your story matters!


You’ll start the program by defining your ideal customer, building your unique brand and defining your marketing message. From there you’ll continue building your marketing and sales funnel, including finding your customers with FB ads and holding your webinar.  Webinars are the most powerful way to build trust and stand out even if you are still completely unknown. Your sales funnel will be based on discovery calls that your clients will book directly with you and thus there is no need for cold calling.

I will show you step by step how to deal with different kind of tech stuff and systems. It might feel overwhelming but there’s nothing you couldn’t learn. So far there has not been any training that would have shown the whole process and how to put it together. You can find bits and pieces but putting it all together takes a lot of time and money. Therefore I want to support in putting together one clear, implementable process so you could try building a new business model. The most important thing is that you know you have the knowledge, expertise, and services that will get your clients results!

This 3-month program is intensive, there’s a lot to do but at the same time, you will learn so much! These skills are something you can utilize for the rest of your life.  I will not do things for you, your success is all up to you. So your motivation and willingness to learn are the key. I will be there for you to support in every step of the way.

We will meet virtually, for 12 weeks. Each week we will go through a certain theme and you’ll implement the needed steps.  In addition, you have the possibility to send me an email anytime during the coaching program. I will usually respond to your emails within 24-48 hours (weekends and holidays excluded). This program is only available as a 1:1 coaching program for English speaking customers. If you can understand Finnish, you can participate in the group program. 

Please note that I only take a limited amount of people to the program at one time in order to be able to commit myself fully to my clients. If the program is full, I will put you on a waiting list and let you know as soon as there are seats available.


Program on a monthly level:

● Week 1: Identifying your expertise, passion, and purpose. ● Week 2: Defining your ideal client. ● Week 3: Building an expert brand. ● Week 4: Creating and pricing your coaching program.
● Week 5: Your marketing message, sales page, and website structure. ● Week 6: Tools and systems. ● Week 7: Understanding the sales funnel and creating your webinar. ● Week 8: Building the opt-in and thank you pages and creating the email sequence for the webinar.
● Week 9: Presence in social media and building a Facebook ad. ● Week 10: Testing, analyzing and optimizing your FB ads. ● Week 11: Preparing for sales calls. ● Week 12: Contracts, responsibilities and the way forward.




As a wellbeing and mindset coach, I started to look for possibilities to find customers abroad, especially for my 1:1 coaching. Internationality has been a big part of my career and I felt that something was missing in my life. But it took some time to get an insight that I could actually build a funnel to reach clients abroad. There is no reason to stay small, that’s only in my mind! I started to search every possible information about how to get visibility and utilize the internet. I spend hours in watching webinars and videos from experienced marketers.  Sales funnels, lead magnets, Facebook pixels, analytics, SEO, blogging, etc. What a mess. Someone was recommending to do something, the other one something else. And all I wanted was one simple process that I could implement!

As an entrepreneur, you probably know how easy it is to spend your time learning and watching trainings, especially nowadays when the internet is full of them. Well, I was pretty exhausted after trying to find the solution. I realized that there was no one in Finland that could show me the whole process from branding to sales funnels & FB ads. Yes, you can find separate parts but I was longing for something more holistic approach. So I ended up finding a mentor abroad and decided to invest in me and my company. And learned a valuable lesson about investing, which is something an entrepreneur must be willing to do. I’m still learning and testing new things all the time, and bringing them to my coaching program.

I have built my own brand, international website, coaching program and sales funnel, and holding live and recorded webinars. You can check out my website at and get a taste of how also you could build your brand, whether your clients are in Finland or abroad.

I have built this coaching program based on my learnings and added my own twist. As a Mindset Coach, I have seen many times that without the correct mindset you cannot go far. Therefore mindset is the thing I cannot emphasize enough. If you don’t believe in yourself, neither will your clients. And unless you notice how your mind is trying to stop you from going to the unknown, you will stay stuck. That’s the reason I will also make sure we’ll tackle mindset issues during the program.

Now I want to offer you what I’ve learned as it’s time for you to get your purpose and expertise to the world. My strength is in understanding where you are at, I’ve been there where you don’t know where to start. When you have this feeling that what you have to offer should be available for your ideal clients, no matter where they are located. I’ll support you in building an online business model that you can start with. I noticed how draining it was to try to figure it all out by myself. Luckily I was willing to admit that I needed help. One of the big learning lessons of being an entrepreneur: invest in a mentor when you don’t know how to proceed.

My big insight came along while building my own online coaching business: there is so much expertise, knowledge, and excellent language skills in Finland and so many coaches/entrepreneurs could level up their business by going online and international. Technology allows us to do things we didn’t know anything about still some years back and online coaching business is growing faster than ever. We all should be part of that and stop playing small! I’m passionate about having you fulfilling your purpose and giving you tools to find all the clients that need your help, no matter where they are. 


During this program, you will build your unique brand and marketing funnel. I will show you how I’ve done it, what has been working, what tools to use and how all the pieces fit together. However, success is up to you! Every person and every service is so unique that one size does not fit all. And a lot has to do with how much you test, iterate, finetune and listen to your own gut. What works for some does not work for everyone. I’m also testing all the time, correcting my course as I go, clarifying my message and listening to myself closely on what feels right. This is not ready, ever. You will only learn by taking action and seeing results. But as you take the first steps, you’ll have a chance to get better all the time. You’ll start with one set of tools and a solid process, after that you can finetune it as much as is needed. Persistence, passion, and creativity are the key factors to success! 

We are not building together your website or write your marketing messages. It all comes from you as you are the heart of your brand. I will comment if you wish, based on what I’ve learned. However, I’m not a copywriter so in case you need some further help, be prepared to do so. I will certainly give you recommendations on where to get additional support e.g. with website building or copy texts. My job is to show you the overall process, how things link together and how you integrate it all. I will show you a lot of examples and you can utilize some of the things I’ve done. You are free to outsource any part of the process if you wish but I still recommend that you try first to do it by yourself. You can do it and when you have seen it how it works, you are much more ready to outsource (as you know what you want). 

In this program, we won’t be going through SEO optimization or Google ads. We will focus on a process that is suitable for online coaching, even if you are a brand new coach, and for that purpose, you’ll be using paid Facebook advertising. 

This program is not for everyone, therefore we’ll discuss in more detail over the phone and get clarity if this is your next step.

This is for you if:

  • You are providing service that can be provided with 1:1 coaching online, whether it is health, life, or business coaching, consulting or another service.
  • You’ve been wanting to try out the international market but don’t know where to start.
  • You know your service is excellent and brings good customer results, you just haven’t yet reached the right target audience and would like to try out the possibilities that internet provides.
  • You might have already started to get familiar with internet marketing, watched some webinars and participated in trainings, used a lot of time to understand how to utilize digital marketing and especially Facebook ads in your business. But it seems a bit scattered and the big picture is lost. 
  • You would like to try out Facebook advertising or you might have already tried it but you have no clue of how to do targeting or use analytics. You might have boosted your posts but the FB pixel is not in use.
  • You would like to build a personal brand. 
  • You are willing to learn tech tools although it might sometimes feel overwhelming. It all starts from motivation!
  • Although you are still a bit hesitant to go abroad, you want to understand how to build your brand and market yourself in Facebook for your Finnish customers (as you can use the same tools and processes everywhere or take your business international later on).
  • You are ready to invest time and money for yourself and your business. You understand that an entrepreneur must invest in order to get results.

This program is probably NOT for you if:

  • You sell only products.  In this program, we are focusing on branding and marketing services based on expertise i.e. coaching that can be provided online. We will not cover any online store issues.
  • Your service can only be provided physically face-to-face and not virtually. It is of course always possible to market your service via Facebook also then but my program is not the ideal one.
  • You are only doing B2B, i.e. you are targeting bigger companies. It is, of course, possible to reach the decision makers also on Facebook but there are also better channels available, such as LinkedIn and Twitter. However, we won’t be focusing on those during this program. If you are targeting entrepreneurs / solopreneurs, Facebook is definitely the place to be in. 
  • You are looking for an easy way to make money and are not willing to work hard. I will show you how to build a process but you are the one implementing everything and even after doing it once, you’ll need to continue developing it further. Even the best ones in the market have tested their processes for hundreds times before they’ve succeeded, it does not happen over night! I won’t do things for you, you will be the one doing and learning and that adds your skills enormously!  As an entrepreneur, you also need to outsource things in order to focus on things you do the best, but it is always important to understand the big picture. Tha is why doing it yourself for the first time is so important. If you decide to outsource parts of your process later, you are much wiser on what to outsource and what is the outcome expected. 
  • You are not willing to invest time or money. It is always possible to do things cheaply, you’ll always find free tools and trainings. And you always grow your visibility but blogging and trying to get better results in search engines. But when we are talking about international markets and a new coach, paid ads are the way to go. To grow your prospects and get clients takes investment and it’s crucial to see it like that: investment means the purpose of that money is to come back!
  • You hate all technology and you would not want to touch that. Any person can learn if there is motivation. But if you lack motivation and/or think that you cannot learn, it is very difficult for me to coach you.


  • 12 x 60 minutes of 1:1 coaching (weekly via Zoom)
  • 12 workbooks to get super clear on your steps
  • Email support during the program
  • A lot of examples you can utilize (e.g. opt-in page, thank you page, email examples, sales page, sales call structure, webinar structure)
  • Tool & systems recommendations. (You can still freely use any tools or systems you want but during the program,  I will focus on showing the process by using the recommended tools.)




online coaching



The biggest challenge in entrepreneurship is the right mindset! Can I do it, will anyone buy from me, this is not working, etc. And when things don’t turn out like planned or success doesn’t follow immediately, how are you able to bounce back and see the unlimited opportunities still available. Every mistake or failure is just a test result.  

The mind is the most important asset and the biggest obstacle to successful entrepreneurship. Therefore I coach my clients in the mindset too (well, it is my passion!). Very often we cover things like overwhelm and self-confidence. Whatever obstacles may appear during the program, we’ll tackle them together. Life is a roller coaster ride, sometimes we are high and then we go low.




A very important part of any business are legal contracts, especially when doing business internationally. You will get a model contract for your coaching agreement with a client, as well as other attachments. Of course, you must always check the final contracts with your own lawyer as businesses vary. 

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We have a private Mastermind Facebook group where you can ask questions and second opinions, share your wins and losses and get support from others that going through the same journey. You learn so much from others and new ideas emerge in co-operation with other people. And at the same time, it is an excellent way for networking, finding friends or even business partners! You’ll be part of the group where people speak both Finnish and English.




I know from experience that you only learn by doing and after implementing the process for some time, new questions will pop up. Therefore we’ll have a follow-up session about 2-3 weeks after you’ve completed the program and will go through any issues or questions you may have. Three months go quicker than you think and if you cannot accomplish everything during that time (as we know, life sometimes happens), this is also a good checking point to see how far you’ve proceeded.


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After we’ve discussed, if we mutually think that this is what you need, we’ll discuss the prices and possible payment options.

If you are interested only in some part of the process, please contact me and let’s see if it would make sense to implement a smaller entity. We could look separately e.g. identifying your expertise and purpose, your ideal client or building a coaching program, also when you are not planning to market via social media. We can also look at building a sales funnel or the basics of Facebook marketing. No matter what your situation is, the foundation needs to be clear = you need to know your passion, focus, offering, and ideal client.  Before that, I do not recommend jumping to any marketing tactics.