I am Virpi Kalevo and I’m glad you are here. Briefly put: I am a human being who constantly questions things around me, I am very curious about life and its phenomena and a learner for life. Holistic wellbeing is my passion, I’m interested in humanity and the human mind, the mind-body connection and how our thinking creates our reality and affects our physical body, leading to diseases when we live against our true purpose.

I have always been interested in the human mind and people’s behavior. Psychology has always intrigued me but I found myself studying business management, however, not surprisingly I was drawn to human resource management. For over 17 years I worked with different people, cultures, and varied HR processes and saw concretely how under the almost same circumstances some got exhausted and some were just fine. Organizations do a lot for wellbeing at work, but in the end, it comes down to the individual. An additional challenge is brought by the fact that there is a need for constant innovation and new ways of doing things. However, when people are in a constant hurry and stress, there is hardly any room for new thinking.

Some years ago, when I first bumped into the principles of mind (Three Principles), pieces of the puzzle started to fit together. I still remember my first reaction: “Why hasn’t anyone told me about this before?” I had done my share of learning different techniques to “control/ease” the mind like mindfulness, NLP, positive psychology, stress-reduction techniques, etc. but none of them ever seemed to explain it all and did not bring permanent results. And then I found it, the missing piece: we create all our experience via our thinking, we just innocently blame the outside world for causing us bad feelings and suffering. I used to live under constant stress, multitasking, feeling overwhelmed by all the work that still needs to be done. I no longer experience chronic stress or worry about the future. It makes no sense when I realized I’m doing it for myself. I also realized that I am so much more than my thinking: I’m able to observe it and thus detach from it. And when the unnecessary, burdening thinking started to fall off, it freed up space for creativity and new thinking.

The mind-body connection started to become clear after my own personal experience, as well as through further studies. We cannot see our thinking, but our body reacts to it constantly and gives us feedback with various symptoms. Modern medicine rarely sees the connection between the mind and the body, although the impact of stress on the overall health has been recognized. Many other medicinal systems, such as homeopathy and Chinese medicine, see the person as a whole and aim to treat the cause, not the symptoms. My personal healing journey with the help of homeopathy forced me to seek more information and opened up a completely different world. A world that is based on solid principles and natural laws. 


I’ve been working in varied HR positions since 1998. I have worked with all HR processes, also created an HR department from scratch and I’ve also had the privilege to be a supervisor and watch the growth of my team members. For the last 8 years, I was the head of the HR department in the Finnish subsidiary of an international company and I was responsible for HR in multiple countries.

Since 2017 I´ve been working as an entrepreneur, helping people to feel better physically and mentally. At the moment my passion is especially in homeopathy, as I’ve seen its power time and time again. I truly think that homeopathy will be the future of medicine. I’ve had the opportunity to also work in a health store and with that knowledge, I very often recommend my clients the needed supplements. 

More detailed information about my experience and education can be found on my LinkedIn profile


Master of Science (Organizations and management) 1999
HR Executive Program 2008
HBDI Certified 2015
Psychokinesiologist 2015

Three Principles Facilitator 2016
Further Qualification for Entrepreneurs 2016
Results Certified Coach (Brain-based Coaching) 2017
Classical Homeopath (TSHHom.) 2018
Further education in Animal Homeopathy 2021