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Finding a purposeful work is one of the most important things in life. I strongly believe that we all have a purpose and there is a certain way we are supposed to bring that to the world by combining our strengths, natural interests, and abilities. For many, it can mean becoming an entrepreneur. I want to support other entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs both with practical things (such as building an online business model) as well as with mental challenges in different stages of entrepreneurship.


We all have a set of specific qualities and a purpose. We can usually recognize one or two things that really inspire and light us up. Following that inspiration and intuition is important in order to be able to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Mind is very often the biggest obstacle behind procrastation. Despite of the urging desire to do the things we love, we normally find multiple reasons for not taking action. We find reasons why we are not able to do it or why we should still postpone the idea until we are “ready”. Well guess what, you will never be ready. Some of the obstacles might be practical and real, but most of them are self-made and inside your head. It is always scary to go to the unknown and it is important not to stop you. You need to have courage and faith: ”When there is a will, there is a way”.

I want to support aspiring entrepreneurs to get clarity around their thinking around entrepreneurship. In our coaching, we include the following themes: 

  • Identifying and clearing the obstacles
  • Clarifying the expertise and purpose
  • Finding the courage
  • Understanding the special traits of entrepreneurship

We will meet four times, 60 minutes each. We can meet either in Alberga Business Park, Espoo or virtually via Zoom.  The price for the package is 390 euros (incl. VAT24 %).

As a bonus, you will receive an e-booklet “Entrepreneur’s Mindset” which lists all the main points I learned during my first year of entrepreneurship.

You can book a 30 min. call with me in order to find out if this is for you. You can also buy the coaching package directly by emailing or calling me!

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It’s not always necessary to attend long coaching programs. Sometimes it’s enough to have a discussion with a coach in order for an insight to appear. We all have moments when we get stuck in our heads and we cannot see a way out. It’s in our nature that the more we try to analyze or think about something, the less we see the solution. There is always a solution, sometimes it is just a tiny step forward. What we need is a mirror, another person who can create a space for insight.

Good themes for the laser coaching are e.g.:

  • finding focus
  • a business related challenge, i.e. what steps to take next
  • other challenges related to decision making or a choice to be made
  • leadership challenge
  • clarification of a business  idea 

Please note that coaching is not consulting, meaning that the coach does not provide solutions. The solution comes from you as you are the expert in your life.  I’m using my Brain-Based Coaching model and my understanding of the mind in order to help you with this.

If you have a challenge that has to do with your mental wellbeing or stress, I recommend mental coaching. See further information below.

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The mind is the most important factor in any entrepreneur’s success and also the biggest obstacle to it. For an entrepreneur, work is more than just work, there is a lot at stake and the work follows everywhere. Persistence and resilience are key qualities for any entrepreneur, as well as the ability to break free from work from time to time. 

Personal coaching is often the most efficient way to enhance mental wellbeing and wellbeing at work.  By understanding the simple logic behind the mind, an entrepreneur can reduce and prevent exhaustion and stress, improve resiliency and find new solutions for any situation. When the burdening thinking starts to drop, there is space for creativity to emerge.  The life of an entrepreneur is a roller coaster ride and what really makes a difference is how you learn to live with it. It all comes down to how fast you bounce back when you are at the bottom and how well you realize that the whole experience is only ever coming from your thinking, not the circumstance. We all get stuck at times and a mentor is a mirror to help you see the answers for yourself.

1:1 coaching is always planned and implemented based on the individual needs. Some typical themes are e.g.:

  • Self-management
  • Stress, exhaustion, and wellbeing at work
  • A better balance between work and family life
  • Getting more resilient and balanced, ability to “bounce back” after adversities
  • Communication challenges, conflicts at work/home
  • Ability to adapt to changes
  • Enhancing creativity and innovation.  Ability to see new business ideas.

Before starting a coaching process, we’ll need to make sure if coaching is the right approach for your situation and if I’m the right coach for you. Coaching is also possible to carry out virtually. The length of coaching depends on the individual needs. For further details, let’s discuss! Schedule your free 30 min conversation by clicking the button below. You can also book your time for mental coaching directly. 

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