Human Insight Oy offers training and coaching to improve mental wellbeing, resiliency, and creativity by pointing towards the logic behind the human mind. Our main focus is to support entrepreneurs and organizations to achieve a higher level of wellbeing at work and understand how stress and overwhelm is created inside-out. We also support in creating and polishing HR processes to support your organization’s success.

At today’s work life, the mind is the most important asset and it is the real origin of wellbeing at work. Still, we do not pay much attention to it until it starts to overload. Mental wellbeing and performance can be greatly enhanced, just like physical performance. It’s time to start having mental coaching and training as part of every organization’s wellbeing framework. And there’s is a huge bonus: new thinking and innovations start to surface when people see how the system works.

Our training and coaching are based on the understanding of how the human mind works. This is not another method or technique but it’s all about consistent principles behind the human mind: these principles are universal, same for everyone and operating every moment, whether or not we are aware of them.  By understanding the logic of your mind, you are able to use it properly for the purposes it was designed for and the misuse (unnecessary, burdening thinking) starts to decrease. If you’d finally have operating instructions for yourself, wouldn’t it be nice to look at them?



Personal coaching is often the most efficient way to enhance mental wellbeing and wellbeing at work.  By understanding the simple logic behind the mind, an entrepreneur can reduce and prevent exhaustion and stress, improve resiliency and find new solutions for any situation.



Group and team trainings are implemented to different target audiences (e.g. leadership teams, managers, specific teams, entrepreneurs) and lectures are a great addition e.g. to team buildings and recreational events. Themes can be tailored based on the need, some examples of the themes are the real cause of stress, resiliency in the organization, enhancing innovation, and mental fitness.



In case your company does not have a dedicated HR person, but occasionally there would be a need for some HR related advice, we’ll be happy to help. It can be a one-time issue or we can implement HR processes from scratch which you can then continue running independently. 


“We all live in our own thought-created reality. If we don’t think something, it does not enter OUR reality. It doesn’t matter if it’s “there” or not; the only reality we can see and experience is the reality we create via our own thinking.”
– Sydney Banks