Human Insight Oy is all about supporting individuals and organizations in improving mental wellbeing and wellbeing at work.  The mind has a direct effect on our physical body; thus we also provide individual coaching on holistic wellbeing. 

The founder of Human Insight Oy, Virpi Kalevo, is an experienced HR Professional and she has seen the value and payoff from putting effort into wellbeing at work. However, one essential element has been overlooked, and that is the individual experience of every human being. In the same working environment, each individual has a different kind of experience. Once this phenomenon and its origin is understood, it will bring a permanent and life-changing impact on mental wellbeing.

It’s about time to start focusing on the prevention of stress, exhaustion, and mental suffering. We have been focusing too much on techniques and exercises which only bring temporary relief. We already have a new understanding of the human mind available. Sadly, not many know about it yet. The mind does its tricks and the truth is surprising. If you’d finally have operating instructions for yourself, wouldn’t it be nice to look at them?



For any individual, I provide personal wellbeing coaching. The mind-body connection is seamless and it’s very important to find out the reason behind any symptoms, no matter if it’s physical or mental. Depending on the situation, different kinds of tools can be applied.

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I offer training for organizations and specific groups (e.g. leadership teams, managers, teams) about mental wellbeing and wellbeing at work. I also give speeches around different themes focusing on mental wellbeing at work. Shorter speeches can be used as eye-openers e.g. as a part of recreational days. 

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Leadership training is based on understanding the human mind; the better a manager can understand his/her own behavior and thus the behavior of others, the more flexible he/she is in guiding the team. In addition, I offer 1:1 coaching for leaders and managers by utilizing Brain-Based Coaching method.

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“We all live in our own thought-created reality. If we don’t think something, it does not enter OUR reality. It doesn’t matter if it’s “there” or not; the only reality we can see and experience is the reality we create via our own thinking.”
– Sydney Banks