Virpi Kalevo, CEO & Coach

Human Insight Oy supports entrepreneurs and organizations in achieving the needed mindset for wellbeing and success by understanding how the human mind works. In addition, the services include HR consulting,  business coaching for entrepreneurs/coaches to take their business online, career coaching and support in becoming an entrepreneur.

At today’s work life, the mind is the most important asset and it is the real origin of wellbeing. Still, we do not pay much attention to it until it starts to overload. Mental wellbeing and performance can be greatly enhanced, just like physical performance. It’s time to start having mental coaching and training as part of every organization’s wellbeing framework. And there’s is a huge bonus: new thinking and innovations start to surface when people see how the system works.

There are solid principles behind the human mind. By realizing how they show up in your life, you have the ability to see your reality differently. without changing anything externally. Our mind is built perfectly but without understanding its logic we seldom are able to use it properly. If you’d finally have operating instructions for yourself, wouldn’t it be nice to look at them?



Services around wellbeing at work include coaching for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs, group training and leadership training for organizations and specific groups (e.g. leadership teams, managers, teams, networks), lectures around wellbeing and mindset, and HBDI assessment to measure different kinds of thinking styles. 



HR services include consulting on various HR issues and processes, HR Manager outsourcing, resiliency training, and outplacement services. If your company does not yet have a dedicated HR person, I’ll provide support until it’s time to hire one.



I train other coaches and entrepreneurs in identifying and branding their expertise and passion, building and marketing their business online and reaching out also to international clients.  I also provide career coaching and support people with corporate careers to transition into business owners.


“We all live in our own thought-created reality. If we don’t think something, it does not enter OUR reality. It doesn’t matter if it’s “there” or not; the only reality we can see and experience is the reality we create via our own thinking.”
– Sydney Banks