Individual wellbeing coaching


Physical and mental wellbeing is everyone’s own responsibility, and they originate from inside. The mind-body connection is seamless, and every symptom is a messenger of something that needs your attention. By suppressing symptoms, we will miss the cause and the healing cannot properly take place. There are many things behind any disease or imbalance, such as lifestyle, physical environment, thought environment, life events, and hereditary receptivity. Finding the cause is key for a permanent cure.  

There are a lot of ways by which you can help your body and mind to heal. I want to empower you to see that there is nearly always something you can do to improve the situation. A disease is not an enemy, it is here to tell you that something needs to be changed. A chronic disease takes time to develop, thus you also need to give time for healing and restoring the balance.


My tools in holistic wellbeing coaching are classical homeopathy and Three Principles. When we are talking about holistic wellbeing, we must also remember nutrition, social relationships, rest, and adequate exercising. If there is a need, we will also address these issues in some detail.  The coaching is based on a broad interview, during which we cover all the symptoms and different life areas.

Classical homeopathy is a form of natural medicine, which activates, balances, and strengthens the body’s own immune system. It treats a person holistically, by trying to find out the cause of the symptoms. Homeopathy addresses the physical, emotional, and mental levels, and aims to restore the balance. It can be used separately or together with conventional medicine to treat different kinds of acute and chronic states. Homeopathy is an excellent form of treatment for the whole family, it is well suited also for children and animals. It is the second most used medical system in the world (WHO). WHO recommends the use of complementary and integrative medicine alongside conventional medicine. Homeopathic remedies are manufactured according to careful procedures and are controlled and registered by FIMEA in Finland. The basic education for a diploma homeopath takes 4 years in Finland. See FAQ about homeopathy.

Three Principles have been integrated as part of everything I do (read more here). The role of thinking is crucial in our mental and physical health, as our thoughts send constant messages to our body. We already know how negatively stress can affect our health, not to mention all other thoughts and emotions. The more you understand your mind, the less you let it control you. Life gets lighter and the body follows. Our life force is wise, and different symptoms bring us issues that need our attention. If needed, I also use Brain-Based Coaching in my work.


I’m seeing customers at Hyvän Olon Polku in Kerava (Kuparisepänkatu 2). I also consult virtually via video conferencing. For this, you’ll need a computer, a web camera, and an internet connection. After booking your virtual appointment, I will send you a separate link for the video meeting. 

In wellbeing coaching, the first consultation interview lasts approx. 90 minutes, the follow-up consultations last 30-45 minutes. I recommend (whenever possible), that the first visit is face-to-face. If not possible, we’ll meet virtually. The first follow-up is usually within 5 weeks from the first appointment. From that on, the timetable is individual, based on the health situation.  

If you are more interested in understanding your own mind, struggling with stress, or just wanting to explore the mind for better mental wellbeing, you might benefit from mental wellbeing coaching, in other words, 3P mentoring. In this mentoring, each session lasts 75 minutes and we’ll look deeper into how the mind works and creates your experience. Read more about the approach here.

I´m also offering acute consultations to relieve flu symptoms or to take preventive actions by homeopathic remedies and the needed supplements. You will get the recommendations and will buy the remedies and supplements yourself unless otherwise agreed. To book your acute consultation, please leave a message on my mobile phone +358 45 216 1460. 

You can also book a homeopathic consultation for your pet.  Animal consultations are taking place currently by home visits. Bookings via phone or email.

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